Bullet Proof your Home Inspection from the Dangers of Mold

The Mortgage Buddy would like to welcome guest blogger Ed Nowak to the site. Ed is the President and founder of Jees Environment Services and his company has the reputation of being the top environmental testing and consulting company in the area. He has been featured in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Jees Environmental Services covers Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. 

If you are buying a property, whether the property is a home, townhome or condominium, you are often required to have a home inspector examine the property.  Unfortunately, home inspectors are very often not qualified to identify or confirm the presence of mold contamination.  Home inspectors are rarely qualified to provide a mold remediation estimate.

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Too often, my company JEES (an environmental testing and consulting company) has been contacted by real estate agents or a property buyer or seller just before closing to address a mold concern.  Frequently, the mold issue is either missed or stated to be present when what was called mold was not mold.  The bigger problem is when mold contamination is missed.  JEES has been involved in several cases where there was mold in the attic that was not identified.  This has resulted in the loss of the sale of the house or the reduction in the price of the house by several thousand dollars.

Make sure if there are ANY mold concerns that a properly certified mold inspector is brought in.  The most common certification acknowledged in the industry is a CIE (Certified Indoor Environmentalist) or CIEC (Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant).

The mold inspection should determine whether or not mold contamination is present.  If mold contamination is present, the cause of the mold contamination should be identified, if possible, and recommendations provided to corrected the problem that caused the mold issue.  The mold inspection report should also describe how the mold abatement project should be performed.  How the mold abatement scope of work should be performed is referred to as the mold abatement protocol.  This protocol should also include a description of the air testing and site inspection being performed by the mold inspector.  The post mold abatement site inspection and testing is necessary to verify the mold abatement project was effective.  The findings from the post mold abatement site inspection and testing should be contained in a report with support documentation such as field notes and the raw laboratory data.Mold in your home

Mold remediation companies, insurance adjusters, real estate professionals, and contractors will all tell you that if you are in need of environmental testing or consulting services in Southern New England that Jees is the one to call. We are truly luck to have such a master of his trade be willing to share his knowledge and experience with is.

Edward P. Nowak

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