Real Estate Secrets from Best Selling Real Estate Author John Miller Part 1

The Mortgage Buddy would like to welcome top real estate and best selling author John Miller of Keller Williams in Westboro, MA to the Guest Blogger spot this week. In the coming weeks John is going to share with the Mass Mortgage Buddy readers a series of real estate secrets to help the reader gain a better understanding of the amazing opportunities that are available. 

Based on statistics from the National Association of REALTORS, Agents help home sellers net more money in their pockets than they would if they sold it on their own. And if that were not enough the right agent can sell it faster. Less time means more money in your pocket.

Here are the 7 Secrets to not lose thousands when selling your home.

Secret #1. Don’t hire an agent that…

Has no marketing plan. You heard the old saying that goes something like this … If you fail to plan you plan to fail. You want to see exactly what the agent is going to do in writing. Get a copy of this plan and ask when all this is going to be completed. Find out what is going to happen after the 30 days and always be in a position where the control is in your court not the agents. This is all about accountability, you are the CEO and boss and the agent works for you. If they are not doing their job you should be in a position to fire them.

 Secret #2 Don’t hire an agent that…

Works Alone. Real estate agents are similar when they work alone they have to prospect for new business, market listings, go on listing appointments, manage their sales that are under agreement, set appointments to show homes, take buyers around to show them homes, provide sellers with feedback and updates, return emails and phone calls (all of them). So you can hire one agent who tries to do all these things themselves or you can choose to buy and sell your home with an agent that effectively recruited and properly trained a team of experts. These are more than likely individuals who perform at a high level of efficiency because they perform that specific role every day for years. All these people are accountable and work specifically for you and your agent. Hire an agent who leads a team of experts not a “Jack of All Trades”.

Secret #3 Don’t hire an agent that…

Negotiates their commission down. You are probably thinking you want to save money so you ask the agent to cut their fee. This is the worst place to save money. There are many reasons why but here are the most compelling. By the way you should always ask the agent you are interviewing if they will cut their commission as fees are negotiable. If the agent says yes, do not hire them! Why you may ask. Think about this for a minute. You are interviewing someone for the job of netting you the most amount of money for one of the largest investments in your life. And if you give the job to that agent you are leaving it in the hands of a weak negotiator. Since they don’t posses the fortitude or skills to justify their own fee they will be weak when it comes to getting you the highest and best price for your largest investment, your home. You want to hire someone with skills, an expert negotiator to work on your behalf.

About the Author: John Miller is a Real Estate Expert, Broker, Top Recruiter and Realty Consultant, and has published a best selling book. John is affiliated with  Keller Williams Realty in the Westboro Massachusetts office.

To learn more about John Miller, please visit or email him at Call or Text: (508) 523-8033


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